Production Directing & Styling

Photograpy: Nicki Paine

In the Summer of 2015, our team was given the unique challenge of working with a men’s wear line designed by Thomas Mcnaughlty.


Working with New York Film Academy (NYFA) we carried across our concept of the Modern Man. For our shoot we wanted our model to represent the everyday man living in New York City. He is young, driven, and charismatic much like the utilitarian style of the collection.


The model had to represent those entire qualities; young, masculine, tall, and confident. We planned on taking action photos of the model, so he had to be comfortable moving about, hailing a taxi, or riding a bike. Our photographer, Nicky Raines, was very perceptive of our ideas and was able to capture the feeling we were trying to portray.

Hair, makeup, and styling took place at the New York Film Academy studio the day of the shoot.


On the streets of Chinatown and utilized as much of the scenery as possible.

Sir Name Thomas had a great time working with the NYFA team and collaborating with them to successfully pull off this production. The overall experience was a success. We truly enjoyed the inner workings of the production and were completely gratified once we saw the final result. The lessons learned through this project will be beneficial to us as we continue our educations, begin our careers, and develop our portfolios.